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Helping students in their career journey

Prosple exists to make sure all students have equal access to the best career advice and opportunities.

How it started

Prosple started when we realised the world of graduate recruitment needed a re-haul.
You go to uni, learn some interesting stuff (we hope), and try to figure out how to use said skills and knowledge in the real world.
But who wants the next step simply to be a tick-the-box exercise?
As students, that’s where we felt let down the most.

Students first

We saw firsthand what can happen when the needs of students aren’t matched by universities and employers.
Employers waste time and money looking for the right candidates. Universities don’t have always enough resources to meaningfully help.
All of which means students are let down at a time when they need help the most.

Introducing Prosple

Introducing Prosple, a platform designed to help students discover the most meaningful next best step in their career journey.
At Prosple, we are obsessive about the student. What makes them tick? What do they want? How can we best help them?
And we feed all of that collective intelligence to universities and employers so they hit the graduate recruitment mark time and time again.

One platform for all

So, whether you’re an educator or an employer, Prosple offers you one partner, one platform, and all the content for your graduate recruitment needs, so you can confidently get students on their career journey faster.


The Prosple team are continually testing new products and ideas to transform the way that young people make their career decisions. We always appreciate your feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us an email to let us know your thoughts and ideas!

Meet the Prosple team​

Jeffrey Duncan

Co-founder and Managing Director

Geoff Adams

Co-founder and Sales Director

Richard McKeon

Co-founder and COO

Duarte Garin

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Passionate about helping students find a career they’ll love?

At Prosple, we’re always on the lookout for talented people who want to help students unlock the most meaningful next best step in their career journey.

Our team has an enviable track record. We shipped our first product in 2015, and have since launched four businesses and 11 products that reach over 1m users annually. And we’re just getting started.

Prosple combines the best of innovative startup culture with exciting SaaS growth opportunities… and we believe the business with the best team on the field will win.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for unconventional thinkers who are itching to punch above their weight.Are you excited to play a lead role in disrupting an industry with world-class products?

If so, then we would love to hear from you. Find out how you can join us today.