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If you don’t have a page on your site dedicated to graduates and early talent, you can contact us about a candidate engagement platform.

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Social media

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About your organisation

In this section we’d like you to write some brief text about your organisation and what candidates can expect. Taking the time to write a few thoughtful comments will really help your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Please answer the following questions in the third person (use ‘it’, ‘they’. Avoid ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘he/she’). Try and be factual and objective, with minimal bias (the best talent sees through this).

Please write a 150-character (including spaces) statement about your organisation. You can see an example from Google below.

Employer profile summary

Why choose your organisation? *

This is your chance to describe your organisation's key strengths and points of difference. You might like to include brief statements about:

  • What your organisation is best known for
  • What makes your organisation different
  • What candidates value most about your company
  • What corporate social initiatives your organisation engages

What can candidates expect in your recruitment process? *

Please describe your typical recruitment process. If it differs by role, please provide some general guidance on what graduates and early talent should expect. You might like to include:

1. The steps in your recruitment process

  • Application (do they include their CV, cover letter, academic transcript, ID etc)
  • Phone interview (when to expect it, how long, who with)
  • Psychometric or aptitude test (online or in person, how long it takes)
  • Assessment centre or talent trial (how long, what does it involve)
  • In-person interview (how many, who with, types of questions)

2. The selection criteria

  • What successful applicants have in common?

What remuneration and career growth can candidates expect? *

Here you can provide guidance on how your staff are remunerated and promoted. You could include:

  • Gross salary range for graduate and early talent roles (include currency).
  • Other compensation benefits.
  • Career opportunities (travel, team rotations, early responsibility).
  • Promotion timelines (how quickly are top talent promoted?).

Hiring criteria

We’d now like to know a little bit about the types of jobs, internships and other opportunities your organisation plans to post here.

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