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GradNewZealand helps over 100k students find work in 2020

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Towards the end of February, months of hard work and planning spring into life with many of the graduate programs around New Zealand opening up their applications to students across the country. For many of you, there is never a shortage of things to do, from onboarding new graduates to ensure all your marketing materials are in place for the upcoming grad recruitment season. On our end, we are working hard to ensure the GradNewZealand site is discovered by as many students as possible, to assist in helping them find the perfect job with the perfect company.

On that note, we thought to provide an update on how we’re progressing in Aotearoa. Since launching our student resources in February 2020, we’re excited to share that we’ve helped over 100,000 kiwi students find their ideal job via! This now means that GradNewZealand is the premier graduate website in New Zealand.

As a snapshot, in the last year we’ve had:

  • 112,263 unique visits to the GradNewZealand website
  • These 112,263 students have visited 929,404 pages, including graduate reviews, career advice articles and participated in virtual experience programmes.
  • On average they spend 3:10 on the site

Our team is incredibly proud of this achievement, as this means that we’re already reaching ~50% of the student population in New Zealand. But, we’re not even close to our goals. We’re doubling down our efforts over the coming year to drive more students to the site to help our graduate employers attract their ideal candidates. 

The only people we know who work as hard as the graduate recruiters over this peak season is our IT team who work tirelessly to make sure the GradNewZealand site keeps on running and as the data suggests, it’s no easy task!

Good luck finalizing all your applications and we look forward to providing a lot more insight to you via your monthly employer report.

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