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June 2020 Partner Update

Graduate season wrap up

Prosple June 2020 update 

The 2020 graduate recruitment season certainly threw up its fair share of challenges for students, universities and employers. On a personal note, it was fantastic to see how many employers continued to recruit and quickly pivoted to virtual options to continue their student recruitment.

Here is the round-up of updates for June 2020:

  • We saw a sharp increase in student engagement in this period across all of our graduate job sites. has now solidified itself as the highest-trafficked graduate job site in Australia with a 28% increase in student sessions and 25% increase in applications made by students in comparison to 2019.
  • Prosple launched a new and improved layout for our websites in November 2019. While most of the changes were subtle in nature, they had a very positive impact on the students’ experience which is evident in the year-on-year traffic comparison data. One of the key metrics we look at when measuring student engagement is the number of page views and time a student spends on the site. GradAustralia had an increase of 93% in page views, with students spending 25% more time on the site!
  • had over 73,000 students on the site between Feb – May. With approximately 200,000 students currently studying in New Zealand, we’re excited to see that we are already helping a large portion of local students find the perfect job with the perfect company. With about 80% of traffic coming from Google search terms like ‘graduate jobs in Auckland’, it’s encouraging to see GradNewZealand featuring very highly in the organic search results already.

New Products

Whilst our graduate job sites are very popular among students, we understand that some students prefer a more tailored job search experience. And so, Prosple has listened to this student feedback and we’ve launched sector-specific websites:

These niche career directories will allow students to have access to quality content, careers information and advice which is all relevant to their sector of interest.

For employers, your content has been automatically ported across to the relevant Career Directory – please reach out to your Account Manager if this is not the case and we will arrange for you.

New Partnerships

In the past month we’ve formed a number of new industry partnerships with associations and universities to help their students transition from education to employment.

Visit our partner page to view the complete list of the Prosple partner network here.

As always, if you have any ideas, comments or feedback please reach out to your Account Manager or me at any time.

Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements, including the launch of the Virtual Experience Programs!

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