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The 2020-21 STEM Careers Handbook is now available!

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Our guide to science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers is now live on the Prosple network.

Prosple and GradAustralia are very excited to announce the digital launch of our coveted STEM Careers Guide. For the fourth year running, Australia’s most comprehensive career guide for STEM students is available free to all.

What is the STEM Careers Handbook?

A set of handbooks written for university students on the breadth of academic and professional opportunities available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It goes into detail about available degree pathways, industries and careers. There are also advice articles on preparing for university, surviving and thriving in a professional setting and informing readers on the myriad opportunities available to women in STEM. 


Why do we publish a STEM Careers Handbook?

The Department of Education and Training observed a 19.7% growth in STEM jobs between 2014 and 2019, 1.9 times higher than for other fields. 


Source: ABS Labour Force

As of January 2020, they predicted a further 11.6% growth in STEM jobs by May 2024, while all other job categories are only expected to grow by 7.5%.

But high demand isn’t the only reason. A Department survey found 56% of employers surveyed had difficulty recruiting for STEM roles, citing lack of technical skills as the main reason.

With the STEM Careers Handbook, we hope to address the demand and skills deficit head-on by describing what a STEM career can look like, why readers should consider one, and exactly how they can get there.

How will the STEM Careers Handbook be distributed?

Unfortunately our planned print distribution to universities wasn’t possible during July 2020. Instead we’ll be promoting the digital version of the guide throughout the Prosple network and deferring delivery of print copies to universities in Australia until March 2021.

We did however successfully deliver 50,000 copies of our high school edition to year 10 students nationally in September 2020.

Do students find this useful?

Our previous editions of the STEM Careers Handbook received incredibly positive feedback. Students on campus line up to get copies and university career services are continuously asking for more.

For the copies we send to high schools, 97% of teachers surveyed described their students as ‘very engaged’ or ‘somewhat engaged’
with the publication., with students as early as year 9 saying it informed their study decisions. Of particular note was how students found the ‘Women in STEM’ chapter, with 40% of staff reporting their students found it the most engaging part of the book. 

STEM Careers Handbook

2020-21 STEM Careers Handbook, p281

Is the STEM Careers Handbook useful to me?

We consider this an essential resource for STEM students, parents of students, university career services, and career advisors interested in sharing our passion for STEM with their students. We encourage you to distribute links to our guide through whichever channels you see fit.

Where can I get the STEM Careers Handbook?

Click here to read the 2020-21 STEM Careers Handbook!

If you want a copy of the STEM Careers Handbook to share on your own student portal, send us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to assist you.

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