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Virtual experiences are now in virtual reality!

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Prosple is excited to announce a partnership with YesVR to access virtual experiences through VR technology!

YesVR uses professional actors, 360° video, and stereo sound to create immersive experiences that show measurable improvements in learning.

Employers will be able to incorporate VR into their virtual experiences to enjoy the rich benefits of VR training, enhancing Prosple’s existing services. As PwC has stated, VR training helps people learn 4x faster compared to typical classroom instruction. It creates learners who are 4x more focused, 275% more confident in applying what they were taught, and over 3x more emotionally connected to the material.

Universities will be able to request custom work-integrated-learning virtual experiences across a range of industries to leverage YesVR’s educationally tailored, cutting-edge training technology. 

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to engage students and we’re excited to be working with YesVR to incorporate their award winning virtual reality designs into our learning experiences,” said Prosple co-founder Jeffrey Duncan.  

All of these benefits occur because VR technology is inherently more engaging, immersive, and memorable, it enables the user to experience real-life scenarios through easy to use VR headsets.  For more about YesVR and how VR technology can be used in our society, click here

“The value of having opportunities to apply and practice an understanding of analytical skills, current strategies, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking in decision-making is essential for a job-ready, future-ready workforce. YesVR scenarios are filmed in real-world environments and co-created with professional industry experts to produce quality training experiences in safe surroundings.” says Dianne Flakus, YesVR’s Co-founder and Educational Content Director.

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