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Convert more students with Course teasers

Maximize student experience
and enrollments with Course Teasers

Brand engagement & recruiting, at scale

Let every student experience studying at your institution with an ‘always on’ campaign to your own and/or Prosple’s student audience

Convert more students

Removing uncertainty by providing a try before you buy option for your students

Increase student retention

By giving students the chance to understand the tasks and nature of a course, this will translate to better suited students applying with more accurate expectations

Attract the right fit from the get-go

Whether you’re looking for an easier way to attract students, generate leads, or ways to help your students, Prosple has solutions that can help you attract the right fit for your needs
  • Hosted on your own domain

  • Personalized branding

  • Identify and shortlist future students you want to attract

  • Capture candidate data and build it into your future student funnel

  • Prosple's powerful distribution network will help attract candidates quickly & efficiently

A win for you and your students too

Earn valuable skills & experience

By completing modules that reflect real coursework, your students can experience and understand the tasks and nature of a course

Accessible for all

Regardless of location or background, every student can now get a taste for studying at your institution

Students make better informed career decisions

With a ‘try before you buy’ approach, you can establish if the work is a ‘fit’, and self-select in or out accordingly.

The Course Teaser student journey

Offer your students year-round brand engagement

Students browse your course teasers

Students apply and complete course modules

Students submit their completed tasks

‘Suggested answer’ is unlocked

Working with Prosple

Leverage Prosple’s powerful distribution network

Place your company and available opportunities at the centre of a leading portfolio of career products.