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What It Does: 3M specializes in manufacturing orthodontic products, adhesives, passive fire protection, abrasives, paint protection films, laminates, window films, medical products, insulating materials, personal protective equipment, optical films, eye-care products, and so on.  

Mission: 3M's mission statement is to use science to improve people's lives and provide solutions to the toughest challenges in the world.

Size and Presence: 3M has 1,800  employees working across 5 locations in Canada.

Best Known For: 3M is one of the largest conglomerates in the world, with a portfolio of over 60,000 products. This corporation is best known for its National Teaching Fellowship program. 

The Good Bits: The incentives and perks that come with employment are attractive enough. The remuneration is good. The company has an exciting and inclusive working culture. 

The Not-So-Good Bits: Promotions are given based on seniority, not performance or work ethic. The work-life balance can be better.

The 3M Story

3M was founded as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company by a group of five companies in Minnesota in 1902. The company’s purpose was to mine corundum, but it couldn't make this a reality because what was available in the mine was anorthosite, a rock that had no market value. In 1905, the company had a change of leadership and later moved to Duluth to venture into sandpaper research and production. Five years later, the company moved to St.Paul. In 1916, 3M attained profitability and financial stability and was starting to benefit its shareholders. In 1947, the company ventured into the production of Perfluorooctanoic acid. 

In the late 50s, 3M manufactured the first asthmatic inhaler in the world, and this was before it entered into healthcare. 3M Canada became one of the company's pioneer international outfits. 3M moved base to Minnesota. A few years later, it ventured into healthcare by acquiring Riker Laboratories. Fast forward to 2017, the company acquired the safety gear operations of Johnson Controls International Plc, marking its venture into the workers’ safety industry. In late 2018, the company announced its intention to acquire the technology operations of M’Modal. 

In late 2021, 3M announced the proposed merger of its animal healthcare and food testing with its food safety operations. In 2022, 3M also made an announcement that it will spin off its healthcare operations into an independent company, a transaction that it hopes to complete this year. 

Culture & Vibe

3M's corporate identity can be defined by six core values, namely perseverance, collaboration, innovation, honesty, passion for change, and integrity. 3M has a healthy working environment that’s reinforced by the collaborative nature of the work, giving room for employees to bond as they work. The company treats its employees well and ensures no one feels left out. Freshers and interns at 3M are beneficiaries of a thriving support system. The company’s employee pool is quite diverse, which makes it a perfect microcosm of its Canadian host communities. 

Career Prospects

3M has career advancement opportunities for everyone, regardless of whether they are students or recent graduates. At this company, these new intakes are introduced to life and work at 3M through strategic integration in the various departments and areas of operations in the organization. These students and new graduates gain hands-on experience and a well-rounded knowledge of the company's activities through their rotations in these operational areas. They also work with some of the best and brightest minds in the manufacturing industry. 

Recruitment Process

3M hires its new employees through an application review, phone screening, a one-on-one or panel interview, a job offer, and onboarding. 


3M pays its entry-level employees an average salary of CA$ 45,000 yearly.

Employee Benefits

3M provides numerous incentives for its employees, including annual incentive plans, sales incentives, life insurance, leave of absence, parental leave, medical coverage, savings and retirement benefits, disability insurance, fitness centres, tuition reimbursement, etc.

Social Contributions

Through 3Mgives, the company has donated significant sums of money to its community partners in Canada. The company provides for students with a passion for STEM education.


3M made headlines in Canada when it filed a suit over misleading N95 price gouging and online retail sales.

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