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Climate & Sustainability Services Graduate Opportunity

Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff
Through Arup UK's Graduate opportunities you’ll be contributing to client projects that could span the globe.

Opportunity details

Opportunity Type
Graduate Job
GBP 25,000 - 35,000

Minimum requirements

Accepting International Applications
Qualifications Accepted
Engineering & Mathematics
Property & Built Environment

Hiring criteria

Entry Pathway

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Working rights

United Kingdom

  • Citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • Full working rights
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About Arup

Arup is a British multinational professional services firm headquartered in London which provides design, engineering, architecture, planning, and advisory services across every aspect of the built environment. The firm employs approximately 16,000 staff in over 90 offices across 35 countries around the world.

Your role

Arup Climate and Sustainability Services team delivers specialist advisory services that address society's need to respond to the climate emergency. Arup helps its clients to avoid and reduce carbon emissions, manage climate risk and enhance the resilience of their business systems and assets as well as the communities and natural environments they operate in.   

Arup works collaboratively with central and local government bodies, investors, non-government organizations, academia, and the private business community to help shape and deliver ground-breaking research, new policies, financial models, strategies, action plans as well as governance and reporting that enable organizations to realize their sustainability commitments and aspirations.

Training, development & rotations

At Arup, a majority of your learning comes from your day-to-day work on projects, stretch assignments, or interaction with senior colleagues. About a fifth takes the form of coaching or mentoring, attending events, or being involved in professional associations. Finally, Arup also offers formal classroom or e-learning-based courses. The firm will support your development, in the way that works best for you.

Salary & Compensation

At Arup, a graduate gets an approximate salary of £30,000 per month.


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Career progression

No two roles are the same, and you’ll have real responsibility from day one. Arup's internships are varied, challenging, and rewarding, designed to provide you with real skills that you can carry forward once complete. Successful internships often lead to graduate positions, and therefore this is a great opportunity to find out what working life at Arup is like, first-hand.

Work-life balance

The Work Unbound model will be introduced throughout 2021/22. It includes:

  • Flexible days and working hours across the week – giving UK employees the ability to work their hours flexibly from Monday to Sunday, meaning staff could opt to work over the weekend 

  • Working from home – working remotely is to become a permanent option, as UK employees can choose their place of work for up to three days per week, with two days spent in one of the Arup offices 

Culture & vibe

Arup's values permeate every aspect of its organization, from the expectations the firm has of leaders, to the opportunities Arup people should share, and the kinds of clients Arup works with. These nine, progressive commitments guide the firm's decision-making every day.

  • Leadership
  • Thriving
  • Learning
  • Clarity
  • Clients
  • Work
  • Influence
  • Future Talent
  • Measurement

About you

Arup is looking for graduates with personal drive, a diversity of interests and experience, and with a passion for addressing the challenges of climate change and the energy transition. If you can combine these skills with an understanding of (or willingness to learn about) and a desire to deliver excellent services for clients, Arup would like to hear from you.

    How to apply

    Arup's application process consists of the following stages:

    • Online application form
    • A psychometric assessment
    • Shortlisting
    • A competency-based online Assessment Centre. These may vary depending on the role, but you’ll be given more information when you’re invited to attend.


    The following sources were used in researching this page:

    • https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Salary/Arup-London-Salaries-EI_IE31809.0,4_IL.5,11_IM1035.htm

    Hiring criteria

    You should have or be completing the following to apply for this opportunity.

    Entry Pathway
    Degree or Certificate
    Minimum Level of Study
    Bachelor or higher
    Study Field
    Engineering & Mathematics
    Property & Built Environment

    Working rights

    The opportunity is available to applicants in any of the following categories.

    CitizenPermanent residentFull working rightsLimited working rightsNo working rights
    United Kingdom