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What BCG does: BCG helps society and businesses navigate positive growth by building sustainable partnerships through a transformational approach.

Mission: BCG aims to unlock actionable insights through professional research and working with the insights to make wholesome organizational changes. These changes guarantee sustainable growth for organizations.

Size and Presence: BCG hires around 3,023 employees in 23 offices within the United States.

Best Known For: BCG is popular for its investment in social justice and community service. It also hones one of the most popular analysis methods to gain exceptional results marking a profitable track record.

The good bits: BCG employs thoughtful innovation and exceptional leadership to gear its employees towards growth and exploring chances to do interesting things.

The not-so-good bits: The workload at BCG could be quite intense with employees having to work at a fast pace and remain consistent.

The BCG Story 

Founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963, BCG fostered its aim to champion management consulting differently.

In 1964, Bruce developed his strategy for transformational growth. He started propagating his ideas in portable user-friendly excerpts. Popular BCG original ideas he wrote about at the time include the "growth-share matrix" and "time-based competition". 

The excerpts Henderson wrote were different from what other companies did and they began attracting top executives. The second BCG office started in Japan in 1966. 

In 1974, Henderson used employee stock ownership and completed all the buyout shares in 1979. BCG moves further than developing exceptional ideas to perfect execution and has transformed the way the world did business.

Culture and Vibes

BCG with its unique approach to work guarantees freedom, accountability, and strong adherence to values. These values attract the best talents and help everyone work in the same direction. 

BCG invests in diversity, integrity, equity, and inclusion giving employees learning development, and a feeling of safety.

They also claim to promote exceptional partnerships to help employees collaborate and invent the best solutions. 

The vibe at BCG is fast-paced with everyone seeking room to grow and collaborate. This non-stop freedom combined with the principled approach to work provides a perfect recipe for sustained success.

Recruitment Process 

Bearing unique principles, exceptional ideas, and a great feeling of what they want, BCG tends to attract the best talents.

The recruitment process at BCG follows five steps. The first step for graduates and interns is for them to submit tailored resumes and cover letters. Graduates and interns generally have to take tests before being invited to interview sessions. 

After completing the tests, applicants have to participate in an HR screening and BCG potential test. These sessions are required to test how each applicant qualifies and fits into the roles. 

Graduates and interns are required to undertake two interview rounds to test how well applicants develop into partnership roles

Candidates who complete the recruitment processes are offered employment in the organization and are on board with the work practices.

Career Prospects

Hanging on the prestige BCG delivers, graduates and interns enjoy a tailored employee ladder that helps them grow. 

There are exceptional varieties of roles at BCG with consultants having to explore several locations and work on a plethora of projects. 

BCG also curated 1,200 training modules on its learning platform to help graduates and interns hone their skills and grow professionally. They also allow entry-level graduates and interns to direct their career paths and connect them to mentors and career advisors. 

They also claim to offer financial support for professional development. They also offer international work opportunities for employees who look to travel for study purposes. 

Remuneration & Benefit

BCG pays entry-level consultants at its firm $112,500 per year and interns around $32,000 annually. 

  • Parental leave 
  • Adoption and fertility assistance 
  • Paid time off 
  • Sick and bereavement leave 
  • Transportation benefits 
  • Mental, dental, and vision insurance 
  • Disability insurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • Generous retirement savings 
  • 401K savings plan 
  • Competitive compensation 
  • Employee resource groups 
  • Tuition reimbursement 
  • Discounts, perks, and recognition
  • Continuing education and volunteer time 

Social Contributions

Boston Consulting Group is committed to becoming a leader in social responsibility. They develop profitable partnerships to help tackle societal problems and build a sustainable future. 

BCG commits to social responsibility through driving social impact, protecting the planet, empowering communities, and promoting businesses. They also claim to empower businesses by providing training in business ethics. 

In 2021, BCG provided around $300 million to support social impact initiatives. They also invested $160 million to foster environmental sustainability. 


BCG was implicated in an expose by New York Times in 2020 following their partnership with Isabel dos Santos. Isabel dos Santos is notorious for draining Angola of its resources while depleting its quality of life. 

It is alleged that connections were made with the consulting firm through Sonangol, a petroleum company, and De Grisogono, her husband's company. The New York Times claims that BCG was paid through offshore accounts.

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