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Adelaide Spicer

Working in the Consulting team means that I need to stay abreast of news, new technologies, and trends so I can bring value to our customer engagements. 

5.40 AM

As a morning person, waking up at this time doesn’t bother me too much. As soon as I’m up I hop in my gym clothes and drive to my nearby gym in the Shire. Exercising before work helps clear my mind and get ready for the day. 

7.30 AM 

Fujitsu has a flexible workplace policy and we have the option to either work from home or from our local office location. Either way, since I’m more productive in the morning I log on to my work laptop before breakfast to quickly check my emails and prioritise my tasks for the day. Once sorted, I make my usual peanut butter toast and coffee – with smooth peanut butter, not crunchy. Post-breakfast I complete my detail-oriented tasks for the day. This might be proofreading a proposal, reviewing data in an excel I compiled the day before or finalising a presentation for later in the day. Personally, it’s my favourite part of the day, quiet and productive. 

Fujitsu Graduate Adelaide Spicer workstation

9.00 AM

In Consulting, your days are highly dependent on the project work you’re assigned. Generally, when working on a customer project your mornings are often filled with daily check-ins or ‘stand-ups’ with your customer and project team. In the age of remote working, this means lots of Microsoft Teams calls and virtual Kanban boards! These meetings ensure we’re all on the same page with regards to deliverables, timelines and general expectations. When in-between projects I use this time to read thought leadership articles and pursue IT certifications. Fujitsu has been very supportive of my desire to broaden my education and skillset. Working in the Consulting team means that I need to stay abreast of news, new technologies, and trends so I can bring value to our customer engagements. 

Fujitsu Graduate Adelaide Spicer meeting

12.00 PM

Lunchtime! When in the office I use my lunch break to relax and catch up with colleagues in the communal kitchen area. When working from home, I spend this time walking my co-worker (my cavoodle). I would say he’s more excited about my lunchtime break than I am. Sometimes I’ll end up navigating us to my favourite bakery a few streets over and grab a sweet treat to have with my afternoon coffee. 

Fujitsu Graduate Adelaide Spicer coffee

1.00 PM

After carefully arranging my big thermos of coffee and sweet treat on my desk, I jump straight back into work. Often I’ll have a working call scheduled with one of my team members. We’ll screen share and work collaboratively on a document or presentation. One of my favourite deliverables to work on our Personas. Consultants use personas to represent the sentiments and experiences of real people but in an anonymous way. They are helpful when designing a human-centric solution.  

2.00 PM

Once a week we have a video call with our entire Consulting team. Since we are a small team spread across Australia it’s important to attend so we can connect virtually with each other, have a laugh and discuss our respective projects. It’s also a chance to show off our new Microsoft Teams backgrounds. 

3.00 PM

I wrap up my tasks for the day and email any updates to my project team. This helps to set the agenda for tomorrow morning’s stand-up.

4.00 PM

Clocking on at 7.30 AM means that I’ll log off earlier today. This means that I’ll beat the peak hour traffic from the office, and when working from home no commute home means I spend the time on my balcony reading or drawing on my iPad! Fresh air helps clear my mind and unwind from the day. 

5.00-7.00 PM

I’ll spend some time making dinner and turn on Netflix in the background. I finally finished the Haunting of Bly Manor and Queen’s Gambit – highly recommend. Depending on how I’m feeling I’ll either make an elaborate salad or do a classic mac n’ cheese from a box.  

8.00 PM onwards

I hop into my PJ’s and either read a bit before bed or listen to a podcast. Going to bed by 9:30 helps make the early start a bit easier.