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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders at Fujitsu

Fujitsu welcomes all applicants, regardless of, for example, gender, ethnicity, age and sexual orientations to apply for their Graduate Program.

Fujitsu is dedicated to creating sustainable career paths for First Nations peoples by providing meaningful opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Graduates to achieve their full potential. They recognise that responsible business involves being committed to national reconciliation by preserving mutual and respectful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Fujitsu New Zealand is committed to providing opportunities to Maori and Pasifika people and promotes and celebrates the language and cultures that influence our business.  

In 2019, Fujitsu Australia launched their two-year Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan that commits Fujitsu to measurable actions that support Indigenous-owned businesses, develops cultural awareness and competency within Fujitsu, and cultivate Indigenous careers in the IT sector. Fujitsu achieved a milestone figure of $1M spent with Indigenous-owned businesses in their supply chain, nearly tripling their spend figure from FY18/19, with support from Indigenous Defence & Infrastructure Consortium (IDiC) and Supply Nation.

In addition, Fujitsu recently launched an Indigenous Australian Internship Program in 2020, where they welcomed Indigenous undergraduate students as Interns in partnership with Walanga Muru, the Indigenous unit at Macquarie University. Managers, Buddies and HR Partners completed Corporate Cultural Safety Training to best support and develop the Interns and enable a safe and inclusive workplace. This Program was a meaningful step towards developing career pathways for Indigenous students in the ICT industry. 

Fujitsu New Zealand is currently working on its Maori and Pasifika Strategy and intends to launch this during Maori Language Week in September 2021. Learn more about Fujistu Reconciliation Action Plan here.

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