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Trent Harding

6.00 AM

I’m awake! I get up early at my house in Bronte, check the surf cameras on my phone in Bondi and see if there are some waves around. It’s on. I head down to the beach for a surf before work.

Day in the life Trent Harding Google Australia

7.30 AM

I get back home from the waves, kick off the day with a 20-minute meditation and start getting ready for work. I get my bicycle ready and begin my ride to Pyrmont, where the Google office is located, which takes about 30 minutes. When it rains, I take the bus and train which takes around 40 minutes to get to work.

Day in the life Trent Harding Google Australia

8.15 AM

Have arrived at the Google AU & NZ Headquarters! I get changed from my bike gear - I don’t wear any lycra if you were going to ask :).

I head upstairs to the cafe and meet my colleagues for breakfast or sometimes sit down with people I don’t normally get a chance to speak to and eat some food cooked by the Google chefs.

Day in the life Trent Harding Google Australia

8.45 AM

Time to start working! I normally take half an hour at the start of the day to plan out my client meetings, prepare for any internal meetings I have and any meetings with my manager and team.

9.30 AM

My first client meeting for the day!

I work with clients across Australia and New Zealand which means normally we meet over the phone or via Google Hangouts (Video Conference Call). This client is from Sydney so I got the Marketing & Digital Marketing Manager to come into the office to meet in person.

I sat down with the business and began asking them questions about how they want to grow the business, what challenges they are having and where they want to be in 6 months.

Typically in the first meeting, I take it as a discovery meeting and try to understand all of the clients business objectives and goals. That way I can see what sort of Google Ads products we have that align to what they want to achieve.

Day in the life Trent Harding Google Australia

10.00 AM

During the meeting I found out that one of the issues they face was tracking and measuring the actions people take when they come to the business's website.

I then suggest ways that they can track and measure anyone that calls the business, or anyone that contacts them through the form fills on the website.

We conclude the meeting on the next steps for the business to build out the plans on how they can expand and improve the amount of customers coming through from Paid Online Marketing.

11.00 AM

I go down to the Cafe and get my classic Large Flat White for the day. I bring my laptop and work there for half an hour following up on all the key areas we just discussed during our meeting.

I then call some of my other clients to schedule meetings for the rest of the week.

12.00 PM

I check out what the different restaurants are serving for food. There is Indian Food in one building, tacos in another and good salads in another. I still can't believe the food here is free!

I head upstairs for a quick half an hour lunch overlooking the view with my colleagues and then go down to meet my manager for our weekly half hour meeting.

Day in the life Trent Harding Google Australia

12.30 PM

My manager and I sit down and I go over ways I can improve my performance and gain feedback on areas I may be having challenges on. We have this catch up once a week which ensures I am constantly learning and growing.

1.30 PM

I have a video call with a local Marketing Agency managing one of the clients I work with. I have the agency Account Manager on the Google Hangouts as well as the client who is a new designer Jewellery company from NZ.

We align on the marketing goals for the coming months and begin planning out how we are going to generate more sales for the business using Google products and tools.

3.00 PM

Have blocked out an hour to work on a new project where I am building out the training workshops for the Interns who are coming in for the Summer Internship soon.

Our team also works closely with the Marketing Team to help out with upcoming Google events. One of those events has been volunteering to do public speaking with Grow with Google which I need to prepare for next week. Grow with Google is a program which helps train and develop small businesses across Australia on digital marketing skills.

Day in the life Trent Harding Google Australia

4.30 PM

Towards the end of each day I take half an hour to plan out and schedule into my calendar any meetings for the rest of the week. I have a big priority client tomorrow that I am bringing in my manager and a product specialist so I start looking for data and build out a presentation to help add to the digital marketing strategy I will be presenting.

5.30 PM

I finish up work and head over to the Yoga Studio in the office with a few of my colleagues. I get my stretch on for the hour and get back to my desk to pack up and get ready to head home.

6.30 PM

Quickly, I run upstairs to get some food for dinner in the office and get back on my bicycle to ride home to Bronte.

8.00 PM

I play a little guitar, chill out with my roommate and get ready to sleep to do it all over again tomorrow!