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What it Does Grab is the creator of the Grab super-app, which gives customers access to digital transactions, food takeaway, and transit systems through a smartphone app.

Mission: Grab thinks that what is beneficial to humanity also benefits business.

Size and Presence: Grab is present in 8 countries in South-East Asia and is expanding constantly with the help of almost 3000 employees.

Best Known For: Grab is the largest technological venture in the area and the first decacorn in Asian Countries.

The Good Bits: A positive, stimulating, and active working atmosphere.

The Not So Good Bits: Working a lengthy shift, even on holidays.

The Grab Story

Anthony Tan originally had the notion to build a Southeast Asian version of the popular US cab booking apps while he was a student at Harvard Business School. Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, two other Harvard graduates, introduced the "My Teksi" app to Malaysia in 2012 to make taxi journeys safer there. Anthony Tan's funds and a grant of US$25,000 from Harvard Business School were used to launch MyTeksi. Additionally, the Malaysian Cradle Fund evolved into one of MyTeksi's original investors.

GrabTaxi was renamed "Grab" in January 2016 to include all of the company's products, including GrabCar (personal vehicles), GrabBike (motorcycle taxis), GrabHitch (carpooling), and GrabExpress (last-mile deliveries). To facilitate information exchange between passengers and motorists and to interpret messages when the specified cultures of the driver and passenger disagree, Grab implemented the "GrabChat" in-app instant messaging tool in October 2016. Grab introduced its rewards programme, GrabRewards, as well as its taxi and rental cars, GrabShare, in December 2016.

Culture & Vibe

All life truly refers to all life. This implies that Grab values different viewpoints and experiences. Because it is what distinguishes them. The company shares opportunities with Grab and its affiliates in this way. It's not just a checkbox exercise; it's part of who the company is.

Grab is an employer that values diversity. We attribute our accomplishments to the skills of our multicultural workforce and the many viewpoints they bring to our vibrant community.

Career Prospects

The most popular super app in Southeast Asia is Grab. For millions of users around the area, Grab offers standard services including delivery, transportation, wealth management, business services, and others. In addition to that, Grab offers them the chance to live better lives. And that desire begins inside Grab since it doesn't see a clear distinction between work and personal life; rather, the firm thinks that both should be as excellent as they possibly can be for everyone.

Recruitment Process

Grab’s recruitment process includes:

  • Online Application.
  • Coding Test.
  • Two rounds of 1 hour each coding test.
  • HR Interview Round.
  • Offer.


The average annual salary of a fresh graduate at Grab Singapore is SGD 80,000. 


  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mental Healthcare.
  • Maternity & Paternity Plan
  • Work From Home
  • Job Training
  • Professional Development
  • Diversity Program

Social Contributions

Grab thinks that understanding the powers of technology may be very beneficial to society. Because of this, we established the Tech For Good Institute (TFGI) in October 2021 as a volunteer think tank to encourage analysis and discussion of Southeast Asia's rapidly expanding economic growth.

Grab was established on the premise that a technological business may be profitable and have a long-lasting effect. We strive to guarantee that our success is related to the happiness of the societies in which we function and the preservation of nature for younger decades as we continue to develop and serve our customers.


For the fourth time in two years that Grab has been deemed to have violated data security regulations, it has been fined $10,000 for not protecting the personal information of its occupants on its mobile app.

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