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Marcus Gallagher

7.00 AM 

Rise and shine! Time to get ready for the workday, I always need to have a shower, coffee and make my bed to feel ready to tackle the day.

7.45 AM 

I Leave for work; this is my favourite time to blast my CDs and get me in a good mood for the working day!

8.30 AM 

I get in early to be able to secure the best standing desk in the office and to make sure I get to be with the rest of my team. My first priority of the day is to check my email and calendar to ensure I know what the day holds for me!

at the office

8.45 AM 

It is important to write down my tasks for the day, these might be jobs carried over from the previous week. Having a physical list helps me visualise my tasks and make sure I hold myself accountable to finish them.

9.15 AM

At this time most of the team has arrived in the office, as everyone is getting started I see how their weekend was, I seek clarification for any questions I have and I see if there are any tasks they need from me for to complete for the day.

10.00 AM

This is prime time for my next coffee. I find the mornings are when I am most productive. So, getting a coffee great way to keep my energy level high to keep my work going for the morning. Also, the coffee break is the best time to talk to someone else from the business and gain greater insight into how the rest of the organisation operates.


11.00 AM

I try to get through as many of my tasks in the morning, currently I am creating briefs for upcoming marketing materials, checking the status of review and approval of our marketing materials in development and making changes to ensure they are compliant and commercially aligned.

12.00 PM

I always make an effort to go outside and get fresh air on my lunch break. Today I made my way to Chomp for their signature Chicken Schnitzel Roll, then took my lunch to Victoria Park to spend time with all my IBL friends. They all are a great bunch of people and I am so thankful we have GSK to bring us together.


1.00 PM 

After lunch it is important to hit the ground running, it can be tempting to want to take it easy, but there are still plenty of activities on my list of tasks. So, before the upcoming afternoon meetings I make sure to clear as many as possible and prepare any notes or topics of conversation for our meetings.

2.00 PM 

Is often the time the team comes together for our weekly WIP. We start our sessions by scaling our mood and workload, its great way to see how everyone is really feeling and offering the support they need. We then discuss what priorities we have for the next week, and what actions we need from the rest of the team to achieve these priorities, after closing the meeting my whole week becomes clearer.


3.00 PM 

Later in the day I often have meetings with the Marketing Operations Centre (MOC), who are based in Mumbai. The MOC team are pivotal to us to be able to create marketing materials for our customers. Through out the day I will send them briefs for the materials we would like to create, and then when they start their workday, we connect to discuss these briefs in granular detail to align all our changes together.

at the office

5.00 PM 

Its time to wind down for the day, I get ready to leave, close off any remaining tasks and say goodbye to everyone. I then drive home and again, blast music to help relax and set the right mood.

6.00 PM 

It is important to keep a work life balance and keep myself busy with extra-curricular activities. Tonight, I have my weekly drum lesson, all so I can take one step closer to becoming the next Ringo Starr.

7.00 PM 

I get home and it’s time for dinner, my family and I sit at the table and connect over a meal about our days and how everything went.

8.00 PM 

Now its time to really unwind for the day. I normally try to watch a movie from my backlog or get through a few episodes of my current TV show to be able to switch my mind off of things for a while.

11.00 PM 

Time to go to bed, I need to make sure I get enough rest to be able to handle the rest of the week. To help me sleep I put on a podcast and drift to sleep awaiting a new day.