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Exhibitor Handbook

Team Prosple


Congratulations on your decision to attend a virtual event powered by Prosple!

Prosple is an early careers and education company that exists to help students get the best possible start to their career.

One of the ways we help students is through the virtual career and study events we power, either through our own brands like GradAustralia, or through our partners.

This handbook is designed to consolidate information and tips for exhibitors at one of our events.


Types of events


Jobs & Internships Super Fairs

Jobs & Internships Super Fairs are initiatives of Prosple launched in 2021 to help students, employers and education organisations connect and interact virtually through a series of themed events. We’ve redesigned the Super Fair format in 2022 to focus on the most popular elements of the past 100 virtual fairs we’ve run.

We’ve worked closely with universities, polytechnics, industry bodies, student societies and employers to come up with a series of Super Fair events that match the needs of students.

You can find out about our upcoming Super Fairs here.

Each Super Fair will be co-hosted by a number of partners (universities, polytechnics, industry bodies and student societies) and delivered to students simultaneously via each partner’s Career Directory.

Prosple will also promote and co-host the fairs through their own brands, like GradAustralia or Prosple NewZealand.

Fairs are completely free to students and co-hosts. Prosple will invite employers who already work with them, and each co-host can invite further employers and exhibitors to their instance.

By working together, we can use employer time wisely to deliver a series of unparalleled virtual career fair events for students nation-wide.


University and partner run events

In addition to our own events, we also provide white-label virtual event services to universities, polytechnics, industry bodies and student societies.

For these events, you may be invited by the partner, but the support and infrastructure will be provided by Prosple.


Allocation of responsibilities

There are four main groups involved in the successful running of a virtual event. To help you understand your role and who is responsible for what, please read the below table for a high level overview of who is responsible for what.


Who Responsible for
Co-hosting universities and partners
Promoting your instance of each Super Fair to your students. Inviting employers to your instance for each Super Fair Optional: Consulting with employers on how to engage effectively with students.
Attending each Super Fair and engaging with students. Participating in a panel session or doing a presentation during your employer pitch slot.
Researching exhibiting employers prior to each fair. Attending each fair, meeting employers and asking questions.
Central point of contact for co-hosts and exhibitors. Delivering the technology to run the fairs. Managing content for employers. Technical support for co-hosts and exhibitors. Comprehensive reporting for co-hosts and exhibitors.


How does it work?

Our platform is highly customisable, allowing us to support many different formats of virtual events. There are several core elements, however, and this section describes briefly how they work.



All virtual events that we power are run on one or more of our Career Directory platforms. This includes sites like GradAustralia.com.au and NZ.Prosple.com, as well as 150+ other sites we run on behalf of our partners. You can see the full Prosple Network here.


Students will be informed about your virtual event through a multi-channel marketing campaign. For most fairs, this includes a main menu link and homepage banner on the site hosting the event.

A link to this page for a live example is here.



Student registration



When students click on either the main menu link, the homepage banner or one of the links in a marketing campaign, they’ll be prompted to register for the event.



After registering, students will be redirected to the Super Fair Hub, where they can begin reviewing events and shortlisting the exhibitors they plan to visit.

Students will also receive an email confirming their registration, supplying them with further details about the event, as well as an option to save the fair to their calendar.

By gathering student registration details, we’re able to keep students updated about each fair as we get closer to their live date.

If you’d like to preview the event, simply register yourself!


The Virtual Super Fair Hub

Once students have registered, they’ll arrive in the Virtual Super Fair Hub for that event.

Each virtual event is configured differently according to what the organisers are trying to achieve. You can see an example here: https://prosple.com/svcf-2021

Here they’ll be able to look through the Super Fair Hub, check out the employers who will be participating and may apply to jobs and opportunities that are open.

We encourage students to explore the Virtual Super Fair Hub prior to the live event, so they can research exhibitors and come prepared with questions to ask on the day of the event.


When the fair is live, students can join any of the 5 concurrent industry-specific webinar streams by clicking on the “Click here to join” button.

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Each webinar stream will begin with an introductory panel session (40 minutes) followed by several individual employer pitches (18 minutes). Each webinar is attended by 4 panellists and several employers and up to 100 students.


Virtual event format

The event format we can only support is a webinar type of event.

Most of the 2022 Super Fairs will run for 3 hours and be split into two parts: Panel Session and Employer Pitches.


Panel Session (first 40 minutes)

Each Super Fair will begin with Panel Sessions. There are 5 concurrent industry-specific webinar streams. The typical format of these sessions will be a Q&A panel consisting of recruiters from top employers within a particular sector. This gives an opportunity for students to find out about the sector and collect some insider tips on how to succeed.

For example, the Streams for the February Super Fair will be

  • Accounting & Advisory Stream
  • Construction & Property Services Stream
  • Consulting Stream
  • Defence & Aerospace Stream
  • Energy & Utilities Stream


Employer Pitches (remaining 2 hours & 20 minutes)

For the remainder of the fair, students will watch the live pitches from employers, where they may present more about their company or on a particular topic that will be helpful for students in their careers. This helps students to know more about the employer and get more insights and tips for their career!

Below is the format of the event:



Create or update your profile

OOne of the great things about joining a Prosple fair is that you can reuse your organisation profile and let students view it before, during and after the event.

If you already have an account with Prosple, make sure your employer profile is up to date well before the event. This gives students a chance to learn a bit about your organisation before they see you present.

You can submit your profile here: https://portal.prosple.com/

If you don't have a Prosple employer account, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you.


Publish your opportunities

It’s really important that all open jobs, internships and other opportunities for students and graduates at your organisation are live on the Prosple network. This allows students to start saving and applying for your opportunities right away.

You can submit your Job Opportunities here: https://portal.prosple.com/

As above, if you don't have a Prosple employer account, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you.


Promote your attendance!

Finally, we encourage you to demonstrate your commitment to students by promoting your attendance through your own student channels.

We’ll share social media tiles with you in the lead up to your event to help you easily get the word out.


Joining the webinar session

To join the webinars at one of our events, all you need to do is join through a link we have given you through email.


Basic setup

  1. Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” (https://zoom.us/download). Make sure you have an account in zoom. If not, you can make one here: (https://zoom.us/signin)
  2. You will be sent three emails with instructions a few days before the fair.
      • Webinar Instructions from [email protected]
      • Panellist link invite from Zoom
      • Google Calendar Invite
    If you didn’t receive this or have any questions, kindly email us at [email protected]
  3. On the day of the fair, please be ready and must log in to the webinar 30 minutes before the start of your session or slot.
  4. There will also be a check-in an hour before the start of the webinar, where the session’s facilitator or Prosple representative will be waiting for you to assist you with your check-in.
    In the check in, you may test:
  5. If you have an employer pitch slot, you may join the check-in earlier and come back 30 minutes before the start of your exclusive talk to ensure that your presentation will run smoothly.
  6. To allow for caching/refreshing across the network, the sessions booth will open as early as 10 minutes before the start of the session, so please be ready in case some eager students join a few minutes early.

You’ll receive an email in 2 weeks prior to the event sharing the details of how to join your video booth. Make sure to read it and follow the instructions provided!


Presentation tips

Panel Session

If you're participating in a panel session, you may be asked one of the following questions:

  • Make sure your video is on – students want to get to know you, so make it personal for them
  • Set up a virtual background for each of your booth attendants
      • This clearly signals to students who are the exhibitor representatives
      • Instructions on how to do this are here
  • Keep your screen sharing on and showing an agenda slide throughout the session
  • ... and many more

Students can also have the opportunity to submit questions during the panel session and our facilitator will pick the most popular questions to ask the panelist.


Employer Pitches

If your organisation is presenting in an individual slot, it’s really up to you how to use this time (18 minutes). We recommend delivering an inspiring presentation to students about what working at your organisation really looks like. Invite them inside and show them why what you do matters and how they can be a part of it. You can think of it as a mini TED talk. Show students what’s possible by making their first career steps with you.

Some suggested topics include:

  • Graduate/intern program overview
  • Q&A with one of your graduates

Webinar Etiquette

  • Make sure your video is on – students want to get to know you, so make it personal for them
  • Set up a virtual background for each of your booth attendants
      • This clearly signals to students who are the employer representatives
      • Instructions on how to do this are here
  • Change your name in Zoom to “Your Company | Your Name”.
      • You can do this by clicking: Participants > Prosple Booth X > More > Rename
  • No background noise - see that there are no disturbances like background noises or people moving around to avoid distractions. Sit in a well lit and noise free room.
  • Test equipment and internet speed before hand
  • Log in on time - Be on time. Join the session 30 minutes early for setup. Value other people’s time.
  • Mute your mic - Always mute yourself while you are not speaking. Unmute yourself and speak only when it is your chance to speak. Be polite, do not interrupt.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be prepared for technical difficulties - in case of unforeseen events that could happen, it's better to be prepared.

If you have questions that are not answered in this document, you can email [email protected] anytime and someone from our team will get back to you.