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Frequently asked questions

Team Prosple

Will each exhibitor be given a unique login?
  • Yes, exhibitors will be given unique login details to access their Zoom video room.
  • Instructions will be sent a few days prior to the event explaining to the exhibitors
    exactly what they need to do to host their meeting.
  • Exhibitors won’t need access to any external system except Zoom.
Will students be able to see other students' questions?
  • Yes, whether the questions is asked via the chat log or verbally, all other students in that video room will be able to hear or see the question, as well as the answer from the exhibitor.
  • Some employers will take up our invitation to host Speed Interviews. In these cases, these will be private sessions between students and employers.
How many people can be in a video booth at one time?
  • For Focus Sessions, 1,000 students will be able to join each session at any one time.
  • For Exhibitor Sessions, 100 students will be able to join each video room at any one time.
Can the exhibitor representatives dial in from different locations?
  • Yes, absolutely! We encourage exhibitor representatives to join from different devices, even if they are in the same room, so that participants can see and hear them easily.
Can the exhibitor representatives talk separately to different students?
  • This is possible, but more of an advanced feature.
  • The host can break the meeting room into multiple break-out rooms and assign one exhibitor representative to speak to an individual student.
Can exhibitors do a presentation?
  • Yes, you’ll be able to share your screen and run through a presentation.
  • Exhibitors will be asked to submit an agenda in advance, so students know what to expect when they join their booth.
Can employers attend multiple instances of a Super Fair?
  • Yes, that’s exactly how they are designed to work.
  • Each Super Fair will occur simultaneously across all participating university or partner platforms.
  • Employers only need to join one video booth to be live on multiple instances.
Will employers have to sign up with multiple universities for one Super Fair instance?
  • Employers that have already been invited by Prosple will by default appear on each university instance.
  • If you wish to invite more employers, you can share your unique code with them and
    they’ll be added to your instance only.
  • If the same employer is invited by multiple universities, then they’ll be added to multiple instances (but the employer only needs to join one video booth, which will be broadcast to all relevant universities).

If you have questions that are not answered in this document, you can email [email protected] anytime and someone from our team will get back to you.