Updating Results

Linking from CareerHub

Team Prosple

If students at your institution use CareerHub to access career information, it’s important to link to your new career directory from there to make sure students have access to the latest opportunities.

Careers and Employment site

To make changes to the Careers and Employment site, simply navigate to the site while logged in and you’ll see options to manage in the Admin toolbar at the top of the screen.

Student Sites

For information on how to update Student Sites, you can login to CareerHub’s training site here: https://careerhub.training/

You can then search for the following articles:

  • Customising a student site navigation menu
  • Customising a student site home page

UniHub landing page

Changes to the main UniHub landing page need to be made by CareerHub directly. Simply send them an email with your request and they’ll make the changes for you.