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Boost member engagement and acquisition

Support your members’ career development with world-class content and technology.

Why support your member’s career development?

Become a lifelong career partner to your members, attract more traffic, grow your membership, and foster real loyalty. 

Attract more traffic​

Bring new traffic to your site with our unparalleled organic search functionality.


Gather audience insights

Gain insights on your audience to help provide better services and content.


Drive returning traffic​

More reasons for your users to come back.


Grow brand loyalty​

Offer your audience more content and increase your membership engagement.​

More than just a jobs board

Everything from virtual events to mentor directories, all in a single platform and in your own branding.

Online learning and virtual industry experience

Educate and engage with online learning and real-word industry projects. Showcase your learning resources and help your members gain exposure to unique work-based learning experiences, all within your career directory.

Virtual career fairs and events

Engage members with 1-to-1 or large scale online fairs and events, built right into your career directory.

Thousands of career opportunities from leading employers around the globe

Prosple takes the hard work out of running a career directory. Customise your job opportunity subscription feed based on sector, qualifications, location and other metrics.

Advice and resources library

Draw on thousands of unique content pieces from Prosple’s rich and personal career library.

1,165 company overviews


2,255 advice articles and videos


17,001 job and course opportunities


2,664 job reviews


1,892 interview and profiles


40 office tours

Comprehensive support directories ​

Showcase a complete list of support options available to your members.

Members directory

Help your audience to browse, search and connect with mentors, alumni, support contacts and other members.


Events directory​

Showcase upcoming events with a searchable and up-to-date directory of internal and external events.


Further study directory

Promote relevant opportunities for further study with a complete directory of further study options.


Scholarships and grant directory

Highlight a complete directory of scholarships and grants available to your members.

Advanced reporting

Track what matters and gain insights to help provide a better service.

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