What Talented Graduates NEED to Thrive

We spoke to 5 top professionals and asked them what made their company the place to be.

Anna Makebelieve – Paralegal, 23, Australia

“A decent internet connection, without it I can’t get my job done”

Darren NottarealĀ  – Broker, 25, New Zealand

“Somewhere quiet away from people breaking my pace every 10 minutes. Open office plans grind my work to a halt!”

Kyle FakemanĀ  – Data Analyst, 23, Canada

“I like a clear structure with people who know what they have to do and when they have to do it. No micromanagement!”

Elise Outtanames- Organ Farmer, 22, China

“I have a preference for workplaces that treat me seriously, are challenging, and don’t try to pay me the least possible money they legally can”



Stanley Fishblokey – Lab Technician, 22, United States

“As long as its not Chicago I don’t really care”