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Introduction to Virtual Super Fairs Webinar

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With the Virtual Super Fairs just around the corner, Prosple is hosting a webinar to walk through what Virtual Super Fairs are and to answer employers' questions in the lead up to this year's events.

Prosple has worked closely with universities and employers to come up with a series of Super Fair events that match the needs of students. These fairs will be held across the year, and be available for students to access via their universities career directory and

What are Virtual Super Fairs?

To help bring relevant and valuable events to students and employers alike, Prosple has proposed a series of Super Fairs to run throughout 2021.

 The following list of Super Fairs have been confirmed so far in 2021:

        •    Business & Consulting Super Fair | 23 Feb 2021
        •    Engineering Careers Super Fair | 23 Mar 2021
        •    Technology Careers Super Fair | 30 Mar 2021
        •    Law Careers Super Fair | 15 April 2021
        •    Indigenous Careers Super Fair | 28 July 2021
        •    Diversity Careers Super Fair | 4 August 2021
        •    Disability Careers Super Fair  | 28 Sept 2021
        •    Education Careers Super Fair | TBD
        •    Nursing Careers Super Fair | TBD

Each fair will be simultaneously run on multiple university career directories as well as on GradAustralia for all other students. At the time of writing January 2021, there are 28 universities and faculties that will be hosting the virtual fairs. These fairs will be at no cost to employers, universities or students. Prosple employer partners will be invited by their account managers, and universities will be free to invite their own industry partners.

What preparation do I need to do as an employer for the Virtual Super Fair?

There’s a couple of different options for employers, it really just depends on what you’re solving for:

Agenda focussed sessions

These sessions are the most popular and broadly adopted, as they provide students with a set structure and enables them to plan which sessions they would like to attend during the fair.

Here’s an example agenda:

First 30 mins Next 30 mins Final 30 mins

Presentation: Why should I start
a career in technology?

Meet our current graduates!

Ask us anything!

Speed interviews

Want to do something different and help your organization stand out? Employers can request to run ‘speed interviews’ for the virtual super fairs, whereby students can book in a 10-minute time slot which acts as a ‘meet and greet’.

Live Q&A

Employers have the option to allow students to interact with employers as they would at a physical career fair. These sessions are less structured and fluid, but also involve less preparation from the employers end.

When is the webinar?

Prosple is hosting the ‘Introduction to Virtual Super Fairs Webinar’ on Friday the 12th of February at 12 pm AEST. To register for the webinar, please visit the below link.

Please submit your questions or comments to: [email protected].

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