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Ain Khera Ycong

7:00 AM – Wake Up and Eat Breakfast

Get up, do some stretching for 15 minutes and then breakfast. I need my breakfast. I certainly believe I need to eat breakfast every single day. If I don’t, I know I will not survive the day without dozing off. I’m a slow eater. I always take my time to eat breakfast – 15 to 30 minutes and sometimes even up to one hour! This is one of the perks of working from home, I can always take time to do things.

8:00 AM – Wash up and Prepare for the Day!

After my stomach is loaded, I go on and wash my face and put on some casual clothes on. Then I prepare my to-do list, which includes work-related tasks and personal-life-related tasks.

9:00 AM – Time to login and start working!

When I am all prepped up, it’s time to go my small workstation I’ve setup in my room when the pandemic started and go online. Once I’m online, there are two things that I check first: MS Teams and Outlook. I would check for and respond to missed messages and emails and check my calendar for the day. This week, my calendar is pretty clean!


Just in case you noticed it, yep! I follow a No-caffeine-after-2-PM rule. I have low tolerance on caffeine, so I really have to do this or else I won’t be able to sleep early at night.


12 NN – Lunch break

In this work-from-home setup, I make sure to take my breaks diligently. This is one way to make sure I draw the line between my work and personal life. I wouldn’t log back in until 1PM. Of course, there are time when my lunch break starts late, still I would take a one hour break. During my one hour break, I eat lunch and I do my daily lessons on Duolingo. I am learning Spanish and French, if you have a Duolingo account, follow or add me as a friend! My username is ‘Ainskie’ and I will follow you back!

1:00 PM – Daily Stand-Up Meeting

In the project that I am currently working on right now, we have a daily stand-up call which occurs between 1 – 3 PM. It just lasts for one hour maximum but the time it starts, depends on the availability of the team members. Today, it starts at 1:30 PM. We discuss the progress of the development of the solution that we are working on. Currently, my roles are as a Junior BA and a tester in this project. Testing for previous sprint has just ended and so right now, we are in the development and test planning stage of the current sprint. Yes! We are following an Agile methodology here! 😉

3:00 – 5:00 PM – Work and learn!

For the rest of the afternoon, I was testing to validate some solution enhancements done as instructed by our solution architect. For today, after I have done the testing, it’s time to do some online courses! I always make sure that the free time that I get, I spend it wisely. I am on Trailhead learning about Salesforce. I am also on Pluralsight – enriching my professional development skills. Lastly, I am on Coursera – learning about Data Analytics and Data Science!


5:00 PM – Meeting!

Time to attend Enterprise Applications All-hands call. Enterprise Applications is one of Capgemini’s service line. This meeting occurs every month and we get to have a glimpse of the progress of projects under this service line.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Chores!

After a day at work, it’s time to take a quick rest. We usually eat dinner at 7 PM so this also is the time to do some preparation.

8:00 PM – Time to shower!

After my delicious dinner and after cleaning up the dining table, I shower. Then, while I’m drying my hair, I would watch a lighthearted Netflix show to pass the time. These are two of the ways that help me freshen up my mind and have a better and sound sleep afterwards. You know, you must recharge well for work the next day! 😉