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Lucy Kemp

I usually get into the office around 6.30 am. My day begins with reading over J.P. Morgan’s global research that was produced overnight. Given there is a plethora of research to read through every morning (so much it would take me all day to read everything!), I choose to focus on the research that would be the most relevant and interesting to my clients.

At 7.30 am we have our team meeting where we discuss the stocks that are the most compelling or have some interesting public news associated with them. This could be earnings releases, merger & acquisition activity or changes in management. After the meeting, my team and I work together to write a number of daily emails to inform our clients about what has happened in global markets overnight, as well as any other news that has come out about the stocks or sectors they cover.

The rest of the day is never the same as the previous but is always very client focused. My typical day is filled with client driven activities including meetings, generating stock ideas, organising corporate and research analyst access and generally keeping them up to date. This industry is extremely competitive and our clients may have many other banks providing services to them so the most important part about this job is to differentiate the firm from our competitors. This is achieved by putting forward something to the client that they have not received from anyone else, so in that sense this job requires an element of creativity.

Once the market has closed and I have finished my work for the day, it is time to clock off! Given the early start of the workday, I can usually leave the office at a reasonable time so you can find me playing netball, having dinner with friends, going to the gym or having a dip at the beach after work.