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What it does: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider.

Best known for: 7Vals clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Netflix.

Staff stats: Around 140 employees.

The good bits: The company needs more people to join its workforce. Employment opportunities not only include IT roles but also communications and HR positions. 7Vals also provides above-average salaries for certain jobs like software engineers.

The not so good bits: A fast-paced and dynamic work environment at the company, which stems from being a SaaS provider, can overwhelm those who are used to a routine schedule.

Hiring grads with top marks in: engineering and information technology; software design and development; communications and media; business and marketing; human resources and law; accounting and finance.

The 7Vals story

7Vals started in 2011 and named the company after seven core values (i.e. integrity, passion, quality, responsibility, sharing, simplicity and trust) written by Tribal Leadership author David Logan. The technology group aims to be the leading SaaS provider by 2020. 

The company claims to have a 150 per cent annual growth from its business of serving over 20,000 customers from more than 130 customers. 7Vals uses a four-step plan for its best practices on SaaS that comprise planning, building, launching and feedback stages. This strategy allowed them to clinch customers including more than 20 per cent of Fortune 500 companies. Other high-profile clients include BBC, CBC, Disney, John Deere, NBC and Netflix.

The recruitment process

Interested graduates can apply online. The speed of the hiring process will depend on certain factors such as the urgency of the position, number of interviews and exams. The process may take a few days to several weeks. 7Vals also visits campuses for recruitment. Interview questions and tests for software engineers may include writing queries for sample databases and reversing arrays with fewer time complexities. 

Applicants for other IT roles can expect to be quizzed on Java concepts, binary trees and cybersecurity issues. The company may also ask aspiring product managers about specific events (e.g. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp). You should also expect basic questions such as your reason for wanting to join 7Vals and the perennial ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’

Career prospects 

7Vals’ vacancies consist of internship roles up to directors and vice-presidents. You can start as a data validation intern and build a career in accounting and finance. The group doesn’t appear to require a specific GPA for interns, although an impressive academic record will boost your chances of joining the company. Some of the jobs that require no experience include 2D/3D animators and digital marketing associates. 

Software engineers can advance in their roles by becoming a senior in the same position. For instance, a senior software quality engineer must have at least five years of experience. Leadership personnel such as training managers require at least eight years of relevant experience. 

The company’s ‘Re-Skilling for the Future’ programme also accepts trainees with specialised skills in fields with low demand for jobs. 7Vals will evaluate a qualified candidate’s competencies and match them to the following positions including business analysis, digital marketing, machine learning and product management.


The company pays fresh graduates a range of Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 120,000.

7Vals also doesn’t cap the salary of a solutions consultant, as they base the compensation on the candidate’s abilities and skills instead of relying on seniority and previous salary information. The organisation also pays trainees under the Re-Skilling for the Future project, aside from sponsoring their education for courses such as EdX and Coursera at institutes and universities.

The culture

The organisation embodies the usual work environment of an IT company: a horizontal corporate structure. Employees are encouraged to be creative with crafting solutions for clients while being flexible to demands that may evolve over time.

The competition

7Vals’s competitors in the software development sector include 10Pearls, GoodCore Software and Tkxel.

The vibe of the place 

A promotion at 7Vals seems easier because of its small size. While competition isn’t tough, you need to consider how working for a relatively new company can affect your resume. 7Vals also offers competitive salaries to the right candidates for IT roles and other certain positions. The company’s non-traditional work environment may not be a good fit if you dislike abrupt changes, which are common in the SaaS industry.

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