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What Blackrock does: Blackrock offers its multinational clients investing in a wide array of equities, money market securities, and fixed income.

Mission: Blackrock aims to guarantee a sustainable financial future for its investors through properly proofed investments.

Size and Presence: Blackrock USA currently employs over 8,000 employees in 26 locations throughout the United States. 

Best Known For: Blackrock is a truly global firm and is a perfect example of portfolio diversification through its investment speculations, securities, and risk-handling solutions.

The good bits: Blackrock encourages diversity throughout its investment schemes combining several expert principles giving it the ability to organically grow. 

The not-so-good bits: Employees at Blackrock have underlined the need for them to work long hours which sometimes leads to an unbalanced work/life lifestyle.

The Blackrock Story 

In 1988, eight people who believed in client-satisfying asset management methods combined to form BlackRock. In 1999, Blackrock made its IPO for $14 per share and at the end of the year, it had an asset portfolio of $165 billion. Around this time, the company also made its founding technology "Aladdin" a base in all they do. 

In the 2008 financial crisis, BlackRock played a crucial role in helping companies across the globe sail through the crisis. The acquisition of Barclays Global Investors by BlackRock in 2009 makes it the largest asset manager in the world. 

Following the changes to financial management in 2016, the company began leveraging its technology toward construction technology. It sold its wealth management system for the first time in 2016 as well. 

Expanding its desire to satisfy its diverse clientele, BlackRock began retirement-related asset management. In 2019, along with launching a retirement-related portfolio, the company purchased eFront - the world leader in alternative assets. BlackRock currently manages assets worth over $10 trillion. 

Culture and Vibes 

The culture at BlackRock is one built on responsibility and commitment. Employees at all levels are trusted with real responsibilities and supported all through their journey in the institution. 

The trust they place in employees is evident in the results they provide and is responsible for encouraging employees to grow. 

At BlackRock, the vibe is fast-paced and challenging in a good way to help employees challenge themselves and one another. 

Recruitment Process 

Following its principles and work culture, BlackRock encourages diversity in hiring. Graduate and intern applicants undergo three application processes. 

The first step in recruiting graduates and interns is filling out an online application form. This form aims to harness all the important candidate details necessary for the hiring process. 

Candidates who complete the application forms are invited to Numerical Reasoning Tests. This test aims to quantify how fast graduates and internship applicants can come up with solutions using perfect calculations. 

Graduate and internship candidates who successfully conclude the numerical reasoning tests are invited to the BlackRock assessment center. Candidates are treated to group exercises, presentations, and further numerical tests in some cases. 

The final segment in the overall recruitment process involves two interview sessions, While both interview sessions give candidates opportunities to express themselves, the first session focuses on personal motivations, and the second is technically oriented. 

Overall, the recruitment process for graduate and internship candidates at BlackRock makes their integration into the company seamless when they’re offered roles at the organization. 

Career Prospects 

Flexibility to adapt and responsibility are cultural traits BlackRock holds dearly in every aspect of its organization. This culture of growth is also extended in how they offer career support to employees. 

BlackRock even claims to help its employees change career paths within the organization. They provide networking opportunities that help integrate entry-level candidates, interns, and those seeking a career change into new roles. 

BlackRock Academies - a learning program also provides a plethora of learning opportunities in several fields for employees. Graduates can even choose specific curriculums and tailor their learning experiences according to how it suits them. 

Remuneration & Benefits

Entry-level positions at BlackRock attract a salary of $73,910 per year while interns earn around $44,898 annually. 

  • Gender transition support 
  • Employee assistance program 
  • Volunteering opportunities 
  • Tuition assistance 
  • Financial counseling and education 
  • Employee stock purchase plan 
  • Students loans and college savings 
  • Commuter savings 
  • Dental and vision plan 
  • Telemedicine 
  • Flexible time off
  • Sick and bereavement leave 
  • Nursing mothers program 
  • Fertility benefit program 
  • Gym discounts
  • Health and wellness incentives 

Social Contributions 

Blackrock’s economic contribution to social impact is seen through its Blackrock Foundation support program. This program connects with around 14 countries providing opportunities for them to reskill, enjoy profitable credentials, and forge career paths. 

The Blackrock Foundation also channels its effort toward a sustainable planet. They also foster employee engagement programs that help their employees become agents of change in their communities. 


Despite being one of the world's largest asset managers, BlackRock faces several environmental controversies. 

Despite their projections towards wanting to build a sustainable environment, BlackRock is a major investor in coal developers and has large stakes in oil and gas. 

In 2018, a campaign against BlackRock's investment choices was in place. This led the institution to reduce its investment percentage in environmentally impactful companies.

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