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What It Does: BNP Paribas provides a plethora of banking and financial services ranging from personal banking services to corporate institutional banking. 

Mission: BNP Paribas has a mission to foster continued economic growth through ethically bound financial advice and solutions to clients. They believe their services should resolve challenges to the environment, community growth, and communal inclusion. 

Size and Presence: BNP Paribas employs nearly 14,000 workers in 500 branches and business areas with 8 major centres. 

Best Known For: BNP Paribas is the 2nd largest banking group in Europe with deep successful roots across several banking and financial sectors. 

The good bits: BNP Paribas as a leading financial institute maintains great team cooperation fostered by support and inclusiveness. 

The not-so-good bits: Sometimes work/life balance could be an uphill task with navigation of several tasks at once required. 

The BNP Paribas Story 

BNP Paribas was founded more than two centuries ago and has grown into one of the global banking leaders thanks to its incorporation with several other huge banking systems. 

By combining their standing principles with the manner of operations of banks they combine with, they form enjoy huge success reassured by their founding principles. 

From Hawaii to New York, BNP Paribas had expanded its ability to perform the best banking operations around the United States since the mid-1800s.  

BNP Paribas is a successfully diversified bank and prides itself on numerous awards that speak of its sustainability. In 2017, the bank invested in symphony. This investment was to foster the symphony’s ability to ensure sustained, seamless, and effective communication between businesses and to ensure stable communications between clients as well. 

BNP has also become a seasoned investor in numerous Fintech companies to drive a new wave in how banking is done. 

Culture and Vibe

For a bank that transcends continental boundaries, BNP stands by four principles which are; responsiveness, creativity, commitment, and ambition. They claim these principles are aimed at uniting all facets of the institution in their goals and drive cohesion on all fronts 

Recruitment Process 

In tandem with the changing world, BNP Paribas claims to surround itself with the brightest talents and ones that agree with the principles that have placed them at the top for so long. They try to make their recruitment process as pleasant as possible, making it form a sort of blueprint of what they represent. 

There are seven stages in their recruitment process. The first process requires research into job vacancies on the BNP Paribas website after which graduate or intern candidates get to apply for roles they fit into. 

After applications are submitted, the HR team filters the qualified candidates and sets up a telephone interview for each candidate. The phone interview helps the HR department get a grip on the applicant's professional experience and relevant skills. 

The next step is an on-site or virtual interview where graduate or intern applicants get asked about their future in each role and get to speak with the manager of the department. 

After the interview session, candidates get to take a test composed of a practical case. For some roles, a test is required while for others, it isn't. 

Candidates who excel in these tests are offered an offer and allowed to start their jobs. Recruited candidates are eased into their roles through a perfect onboarding system and familiarized with the BNP Paribas culture. 

Career Prospects 

BNP Paribas claims to offer a range of personalized professional programs to help employees develop technically and character-wise. Thanks to a diverse range of investment choices, they offer employees welcomed versatility in the roles they take on. 

Besides offering graduates and interns professional experience of high value, BNP Paribas provides a hands-on application to the knowledge candidates enjoy. They provide candidates with actual problems and guide them through the phases of delivering the perfect solutions. 

Brilliantly creative interns are handed starting positions in renowned graduate positions when they collaborate on even more impressive projects. 

They claim to utilize the service of a committed learning and development team that structures the learning modules to suit the demands of an ever-changing industry. 


Entry-level graduates can expect a salary in the range of $79,768 and interns earn around $35,000 annually. 


  • Health insurance 
  • Dental insurance 
  • Vision insurance 
  • Pension plan 
  • Maternity and paternity leave 
  • Vacation and paid time off 
  • Employee assistance program 
  • Employee discount

Social Contributions 

BNP Paribas has “improving the society” as one of the reasons why they were founded. They look to maintain equity and inclusiveness in every one of their business models. 
At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, they claimed to donate 50 million Euros to 30 countries to help bulk up operations in medical facilities and to help reinforce vulnerable communities. 

They also provide volunteering options for their employees. These employees are primed to use their skills toward serving their local communities. 


Probably one of the darkest moments in its history, BNP Paribas conceded to altering business records and conspiracy by breaching U.S policies against Cuba, Iran, and Sudan. They had to pay the largest fine in the United States at the time worth $8.9 Billion.

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