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Lester Aaron Adal

MANILA, Philippines

Canva Philippines’ usual office hours are 7.00 am until 4.00 pm. Our schedule is set so we can efficiently collaborate with colleagues cross-countries. Brownie points are that our schedule is during non-peak traffic hours ;) You get more time for yourself!

6.00 AM

After getting ready and grabbing a cup of coffee, I always try my best to catch the 6 AM bus. If I miss catching the 6.15 am one, I’ll arrive late at the office.

6.50 AM

I walk from the bus drop-off to the office. Before heading upstairs, I stop by the cats in the office parking lot.

A shadow in the pedestrian lane and a cat

7.00 AM

I arrive just in time. I usually do small talks with my colleagues before heading up to Level 6 to have breakfast and get coffee.

Coffee with colleague

7.50 AM

I head back to my floor. I always start my day by checking my email, Slack, and calendar to see what I have for the day. Then I start to divide the workload into two: things I'll do before lunch and things I’ll do after lunch.

Office desks

9.00 AM

I meet with my mentor for our weekly catch-up. This is where she gives feedback on my outputs from the previous week.


Laptop with art outputs

10.00 AM

The weather is great today so I decided to start my work in the open area. I really like working here in the morning because of the peaceful, non-office vibe.

Production time. This week I’m assigned to make assets, which means I'll be finishing the element request brief that I started last week.

Office laptop

10.30 AM

I’ll start with the rough sketches then ask for the asset lead and my mentor's feedback so that I know if I'm heading in the ideal direction with the asset early on. Then I'd finish the sketches based on the feedback and suggestions and start with the actual asset production.

A drawing of a girl doing jump ropes

11.00 AM

Meeting with the Sydney team where we talk about current updates for the end of the current season and finalizing goals for the next.

12.00 PM

I head over to Level 6 to have lunch with my colleagues. Heading up the stairs is fun, you get to know what today’s lunch is before you even get there because people are talking about it. Today’s lunch is barbecue.

Barbecue for lunch

12.40 PM

I make coffee and head back to my floor.

12.45 PM

Today one of the office cats is being adopted and the Cats of Canva team prepared a small send-off party for Noisy. We held the “visitation and goodbye” booth in a small room and carried on with the party in a different one.

A cat in the office

"My name is Noisy" My journey as a Canva parking lot kitty

Some of my colleagues are also having a mini art market/sticker con today. I’m really happy to see everyone supporting each other.

A table of full stickers

1.00 PM

Production time continues. In the afternoon I usually do the stuff that takes more time to finish because there aren't a lot of meetings scheduled in the afternoon. 

I’m turning the sketch I made earlier into a vector with Illustrator.

An office laptop

2.30 PM

I wanted to go for a quick walk because I’ve been sitting for more than an hour. I decided to get coffee from a nearby coffee shop, and head back to finish my work.


Coffee shop

4.00 PM

I finished up today’s work, which was sent in our Slack channel for feedback. Then I did small talks with my teammates. Today we made our team costume for the upcoming Season Opener. The theme is Aqua Spectacular so we decided to go as jellyfishes!

Colleagues in jellyfish costume

5.00 PM

I made a quick stop by the office kitties before I walked from the office to the bus station.

A cat and a pedestrian lane

5.30 PM

Bus ride. Usually before 6 PM, there’s little to no queue for the route I’m taking that’s why I make sure to leave the office as early as possible.

6.00 PM

I ride a tricycle from the bus drop-off going home.

7.00 PM

I did a bit of work for school. I was busy finalizing all school requirements concerning my internship and my thesis project.

8.30 PM

Time for bed. I need to sleep early because I don't want to miss the 6 AM bus.