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  • Accounting & Advisory

What it Does: A prominent international provider of consulting, tax; legal, financial advising, audit; compliance, and associated services is Deloitte.

Mission: Deloitte’s goal is to support the success of both our clients and employees.

Size and Presence: Around 312,000 people in 150 nations and territories now make up the organization, which has expanded in size and variety.

Best Known For: Deloitte is known for its professional services in management consulting.

The Good Bits: Deloitte is endowed with immense bench strength and humongous projects which makes the company a better place to make a strong career.

The Not So Good Bits: Work culture is not at par and employee benefits are low.

The Deloitte Story

The name of the international firm was a problem at the time of the US-led mergers to create Deloitte & Touche because there was no worldwide exclusive access to the names; Deloitte; or; Touche Ross; – important member firms such as Deloitte in the UK and Touche Ross in Australia had not joined the merger. To honor Deloitte, Ross, and Tohmatsu, the moniker DRT International was selected. The international company's name was changed to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 1993 to reflect the contribution from the Japanese company and agreements to use both brands, Deloitte and Touche.

The UK practice of Arthur Andersen, which was the company's largest outside of the United States, decided to combine with the UK practice of Deloitte in 2002. Deloitte also accepted the merger of Andersen's offices in Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. Yum Consulting was founded as a result of the consulting section of Deloitte France being spun off.

Culture & Vibe

DTTL and its member companies pledge to do business with the utmost honesty, quality, and standards of professionalism. The cornerstone of Deloitte’s culture, which determines who we are, what the company believes, and how Deloitte conducts, is comprised of the company’s Mechanism Helps and International Principles of Corporate Behaviour.

The member companies of the Deloitte network operate in line with the relevant laws, rules, and ethical guidelines, offering customers high-quality services and fostering confidence in international markets.

Career Prospects

Your job will have an important influence every day, and you'll flourish in a vibrant environment that values teamwork, inclusivity, and excellence. Deloitte offers unmatched possibilities to grow and reach your full potential as an unchallenged leader in expertise.

Recruitment Process

Deloitte's recruitment process includes:

  • Initial Screening
  • Interview Process
  • Assessments/Testings
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Offer
  • On-Boarding


The average annual salary of a fresh graduate at Deloitte Singapore is SGD 36,000.


  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension Plan
  • Mental Healthcare.
  • Performance Bonus
  • Maternity & Paternity Plan
  • Work From Home
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Job Training
  • Professional Development
  • Diversity Program

Social Contributions

For more than 20 years, Deloitte has assisted businesses in moving toward providing sustainable value to all of their stakeholders, including regulators, governments, investors, clients, and business partners. Deloitte assists clients in redefining their strategy, integrating sustainability into their operations, adhering to legal and disclosure obligations, and accelerating organizational transformation. Deloitte helps clients to effectively integrate sustainability into judgment and operations through creative ideas, digital solutions, significant industry knowledge, and lessons gained from our path.


Deloitte’s participation in a possibly deceptive study on illegal tobacco trade in Australia, the fact that it had a significant cyber-attack in September 2017 that exposed vast staff data as well as client confidentially.

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