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Tanmayi Kundap

Being so early on in my career, what excites me the most about coming into work every day is the vast number of experiences available.

What's your job about?

Everyone uses Google to find information every day - and it is also where we research and go to find products to buy. In my job, I work with small-to-medium businesses to help them utilise Google Ads so they can be found by anyone who looks for their products or services. On a daily basis, this involves learning about digital marketing, working in the Google Ads platform to implement campaigns and looking for opportunities to improve campaign performance. The really exciting part, however, is talking to businesses to understand their goals, strategising with them to find solutions and positively impacting their businesses. It’s really a job that allows me to work independently, embrace responsibility and drive my own success!

Graduate story Tanmayi Kundap Google Australia

What's your background?

Born in India, I moved to Australia with my family at the age of 9. This was a huge cultural and lifestyle change for me, but it really sparked my love of travel and new experiences from a young age. I continued to take on extra-curricular activities and courses throughout high school - which ultimately led me to develop my passion for finding creative solutions to problems. So, I went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Marketing and International Business. After enjoying university life (including internships, societies, 6 months of studying in the Netherlands and overseas volunteering), it came the time to decide what I would do out of university. Whilst I couldn’t pursue the Google Internship the summer before my final year, I decided to apply for my current role at Google and other graduate programs. And, after a process of testing, interviews and waiting to get reception whilst in the middle of Africa, I got the offer and… here I am!

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Of course! The one thing I’ve realised going through graduate applications is that diversity of experience is really valued by all employers. In this role, it’s not a prerequisite to have studied Business or have Marketing experience. The orientation and training on the job will ensure you have the knowledge to do the role, but what you need to bring is your skills in problem solving, strategic thinking and communication.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The opportunities! Being so early on in my career, what excites me the most about coming into work every day is the vast number of experiences available. Not only have I been trained in my role but so many personal development opportunities and activities have been presented to me since day 1. This really motivates and brings out the best in everyone - just adding to the already empowering and supportive culture of the company.

What are the limitations of your job?

As I mentioned, the exciting thing about this role is that you have to be self-driven and work independently. However, this means you have a lot of responsibility from the get-go. Whilst this can be overwhelming at the start of the role, there are strong on-boarding and support from your team to help you learn the ropes. So, whilst there are a lot of amazing perks and opportunities available at work, it is really about being focused, diligent and finding effective ways of working.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  1. Embrace the university lifestyle and being a student  - you will never again get this stage of your life back to sleep in, have limited responsibilities and be free!
  2. You are probably not the best judge of yourself. Learn to just give everything your best shot - you have to be in it to win it!
  3. Make an effort to get out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries. I know for a fact if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have taken on the role that I do today.

Graduate story Tanmayi Kundap Google Australia