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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Shopify Graduate Programs & Internships

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What it does: Shopify allows customers to create an online presence with the help of an online store. With more than 70 themes to choose from, the users can customise their store according to their choice of themes and colours. The users in the store can list an unlimited number of products. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs can also use Shopify to list their products on social media platforms, including eBay, Walmart, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. 
Mission: Shopify believes in providing financial independence while allowing people to kick-start their e-commerce business. 
Size and presence: More than 10,000 employees with over a million businesses across the globe.
Best known for: Shopify is among the largest e-commerce platform which provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to start and run a business from the comfort of their homes.
The good bits: Shopify is a platform making waves among business owners via making e-commerce accessible to people around the globe. 

Shopify Story

Five young individuals started the platform from a coffee shop in hopes of making an impact and establishing long-term relations with the customers. The idea behind the platform stemmed from the fact that there were very few online opportunities for people willing to jump-start their e-commerce careers. Shopify was built so that users could evolve and emerge with their ideas while having an avenue to showcase their work. 
Now some of the biggest companies in the world use Shopify to reach their customers online and in retail stores. With more than 10,000 employees, including fresh graduates, Shopify has powered millions of businesses worldwide. With hopes of constantly changing and evolving, the company plans to create an impact in the world of e-commerce. 
Shopify is also working toward sustainability while trying to reduce its carbon footprint. The company is developing different programs and products to establish a sustainable future for its team and merchants.  

Culture & Vibe 

The best thing about Shopify’s work culture is the freedom of creativity which allows the employers to put their best foot forward. Shopify also tries to cater to their employers’ needs and offers them exclusive access to incentives from food to drinks and other essentials. During COVID, the company extended the help to its employers by giving them 2000$ in allowance so that the workers could establish a comfortable work-from-home environment for themselves. The team leaders and managers also support their employees to establish a decent and nurturing work environment in the workplace. 

Recruitment process

At Shopify, the recruitment process starts with a meeting between the managers and the candidates, which provides an excellent opportunity to network. The interview can also give insights into the workplace environment and the work dynamics of the team. This step is followed by a recruiter call which follows a detailed conversation about job prospects. Once these preliminary steps are done and the employer is short-listed, they are assigned different tasks and put together in groups to work on a project before bringing the employee on board. The company offers internship opportunities for graduates to get an idea of the work environment before going on board.

Career prospects

Shopify allows both remote and in-house work opportunities for its employees. While providing a positive work environment so that they can fulfil their work as well as grow with the help of specific opportunities. 


The average graduate at Shopify gets $57 per hour or an annual salary, including base and bonus, at Shopify, which is $120,201. 


  • Cafeteria
  • Weekly Yoga and jiu-jitsu classes
  • Work From Home
  • Health Insurance as well as $5000 for a health and wellness account 
  • Electric vehicle and bike charging stations 
  • Job Training
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Free Food at work
  • Incentives during compromising work conditions 

Social Contributions

The company is working towards building a sustainable environment by building a 100-year company. This move will allow the company to fund projects working towards removing carbon footprint to achieve immediate solutions to safeguard the environment. 


At a recent shareholder’s meeting, Shopify announced a drastic change in its capital structure so that the CEO can retain its power to vote amidst the dilution sunset. 

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  • San Francisco, California
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